Complete Guide Containing A to Z on Black Seed Oil - Cures, Remedies, Prescriptions, How Tos: The Remedy for Every Illness except Death

Table of contents
1.                  Introduction
2.                  (a) The black seed oil remedy for every disease except death
(b) History of black seed
(c) Nutritional content
3.                  General uses of black seed oil
4.                  Specific application of blackseed oil to ailments
5.                  Brief research data on blackseed oil healing properties.
6.                  Precautions
7.                  Important notes
8.                  References

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. World Health Organization (WHO).
Many people don’t understand or realize the importance of good health and even if they do, they may not appreciate or value it. It is only when they get sick, injured or the quality of their life is under threat, that they truly recognize its importance as they face up to the potential loss of well being, mobility or life itself.
Many people make choices about how they live their lives that potentially damage their bodies or minds. Let us realize that ‘good health’ is important and ‘better health’ is central to human happiness and well being. It also makes an important contribution to economic progress, as a healthy population lives longer and is more productive.
The essence of this booklet is to help people make wise choices and to know that the prevention of sickness is better than and cheaper than the cure. Also even if the disease is already there, that hope is not lost but kept alive knowing that, there is a product designed by God Almighty to prevent, or cure all ailments except death. ie. The  Black Seed. “God’s donation to the people for perfect health and longer life”.

The Black Seed Oil
Remedy for Every Illness except Death
Long before the dawn of modern medicine where drugs manufactured in laboratories are popular and expensive chemical or synthetic drugs deemed to be the best for our bodies, our forefathers have sought natural substance for ailments, to stay fit and healthy. Natural substances achieve better effects on most of our diseases and traditional Africans best appreciate this saying.
The product being discussed in this booklet (the black seed) talk of home remedies and natural cures, no side effect, no chemicals, inexpensive, plus the pleasure of being able to cure yourself. This black seed is with us today and scientists are now confirming those experiences traditionalists had felt many years ago.
Black seed is a plant. People have used the seed to make medicine for over 2000 years. It was even discovered in the tomb of King Pharaoh Tutankhamen. Historically black seed has been used for headache, toothache, nasal congestion and intestinal worms. It is also used for conjunctivitis, abscesses and parasites  Ibn sina (1980 – 1037) described black seed as that which “encourages your body’s energy helping recovery from low energy or dispiritedness”. Still is a valid for tibb (isalamic medicine) doctors today. Scientific evidence suggests that black seed might help boost the immune system. Most medicine performs best when given an opportunity to run their full course and this too, is the situation with black seed. Thus the body’s capability to preserve health and promote recovery of lasting natures is better increased through regular utilization of black seed.
Black seed can be utilized together with conventional or any other type of natural medicine. It helps to counteract any negative effects encountered in the use of antibiotics or any other potent, chemically based medication.

History of Black Seed   
The blackseed of the annual flowering plant Nigella sativa, have been prized for their healing properties since time immemorial. The English speaking cultures calls it Roman coriander, black sesame, black cumin, black caraway and onion seed (Sayer, 2013).  It is known today primarily as blackseed, which is an accurate description of the physical appearance

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Sayer (2003), noted that the earliest record of its cultivation and use comes from ancient Egypt. The black seed oil was found in Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun’s tomb, dating back to approximately 3,300 years ago. In Arabic cultures, black cumin is known as Habbatu barakah meaning the “seed of blessing”
Many blackseed traditionally ascribed health benefits, have been thoroughly confirmed in the biomedicinal literature. Blackseed, is not a meager spice. This powerful healing agent is versatile and easy to find. Prophet Mohammed stated in his “Hadith” that black seed oil cures every illness except death.

Nutritional Content          
Black seed contains over 100 valuable nutrients. It is composed of approximately;
21% protein,
 38% carbohydrate,
35% plant fats and oils.
The active ingredients include;
Niggellone, thymoquinone and fixed oils, calcium, iron, linoleum acid, potassium, zinc, magnesium, selenium, vitamin A, B1, B2, Niacin and vitamin C.
Analysis of the blackseed concludes that it contains phosphate, iron and carbohydrate compounds together with antibiotics that are capable of killing germs.
Chemical analysis of the seed/grain also proved that it contains carotene which is converted in the liver into vitaminA; this useful vitamin is well known for its anticancer activity.
Further analysis proved that the grain contains potent sexual hormones, stimulants, digestive enzymes, antacids, sedatives and other useful compounds. Recently it was discovered that the blackseed activates the body immunity system and increase resistance to disease and the continuous use of blackseed has a preventive action against diseases.

General Uses of Black Seed
Many of black cumin’s ascribed benefits have been thoroughly confirmed in the biomedical literature. Sayer (2013) noted that since 1964, there have been 458 published, peer, reviewed studies referencing it. 2013, documented well over forty health conditions that may be benefited from the use of the herb, including 20 distinct pharmacological actions it expresses such as;

Blackseed has over 1400 years history of use. Many ancient books and text suggest the following traditional uses which can be tried along with your orthodox therapies.
The therapies are arranged alphabetically for easy reading;
1.               Acne: Mix and drink one cup of lime juice or pineapple juice and ½ teaspoons of black seed oil, 2 time daily before breakfast and after dinner for 4 weeks.
Note-don’t use lime if you have ulcer. 
2.               Addiction to opiate and morphine withdrawal – Sayer (2003), in his research on 35 opiate addicts found blackseed as effective in long term treatment of opiate dependence. Mix one teaspoon of black seed oil with 2 teaspoon of honey, take 2 times daily for 3 month.
3.               Allergies – Black seed oil has been observed to help control the allergic response by reducing inflammation in the airways ( alternative medicine)
4.               Anemia – take 1 teaspoon of black-seed oil 2 times daily.
5.               Arthritis – black seed oil may aid in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, according to a small study published in phytotherapy. Research 2012 the study revealed that women with rheumatoid arthritis who were treated with black seed oil for one month showed a significant improvement in certain symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis including; joint swelling and morning stiffness.
6.               Asthma attack – (a) Mix one teaspoon or 10 drops of blackseed oil and one teaspoon honey in a glass of warm water. Take once in the early morning before breakfast and once after dinner, 40 days treatment gives a positive result.
(b) Another therapy suggest mixing a tablespoon of black seed oil in coffee and taken twice daily
(c) Also inhale vapour of black seed oil in hot water twice daily and rub the chest and back with the oil every night.
(d) Alternatively, mix thoroughly ½ cup black seed powder, ½ litre pure honey, 5 teaspoon lime juice, ½ cup ginger powder. Drink 2 table spoons three times daily
(e) Mix 2 tablespoons of black seed powder, ½ cup of apple cedar vinegar, ½ litre of pure honey, 6 tablespoons of blackseed oil. Drink 2 table spoons, 3 times daily. 
7.               Appetite booster – To increase appetite, take a tea spoon full of black seed oil. First thing before breakfast on empty stomach, last at night after dinner. Take until, there is improvement.
8.               Back ache and rheumatic pain – warm black seed oil slightly and apply to the area thoroughly as you are messaging the bone, not the skin and drink a teaspoon of the oil for 15 days 3 times daily.
9.               Bronchitis and respiratory problem – same as in asthma treatment.
10.          Burns – to treat burns, mix one teaspoon of black seed oil, 3 table spoons of pure olive oil, 2 table spoon of apple cider vinegar and 1 teaspoon of honey. Apply to the affected areas as often as possible.
11.          Beard growth – massage the beard area with black seed oil, ensuring that the oil penetrated to the root, this stimulates the growth of the beard and prevent premature graying.
12.          Bloody stool – chew one teaspoon of blackseed and drink water 2 times daily or drink the oil twice daily before food in morning and before bed at night.
13.          Brain booster – weak memory power and forgetfulness is a big problem to many people. To straighten memory, boil 10gm of mint leaves in ½ cup of water, strain and mix 1 teaspoon of black seed oil and drink twice a day for 3 weeks
14.          Breast milk - (a) drink one teaspoon of blackseed oil twice daily or eat ½ teaspoon of black seed twice daily.
(b) Alternatively, prepare a mixture of 250g black seed powder and 250g pure honey, stir thoroughly before each dosage. Take 2 tablespoon of the mixture and 1 teaspoon of black seed oil daily.
15.          Breast cancer – Rub the breast with black seed oil, also apply warm bandage until you feel warm, 1hr remove the wrap and dry the breast, then rub again. Do this for 2weeks. Also drink 2 table spoon of black seed oil 3 times daily for 2 weeks, 2 spoons 2 times daily for another 3 weeks, all the time checking the effect. This oil can be combined with pharmaceutical drugs.

16.          Cancer – preliminary research suggests that thymoquinone extracted from black seed oil may offer anti-cancer benefits. A study published in the international journal of oncology found that thymoquinone helped induce apoptosis (a type of programmed cell death essential for stopping the proliferation of cancer cells) in human colon cancer cell and prostrate cancer. Cell studies also found that black seed extract compares favorably to the chemo agent 5 – fluorouracil in the suppression of cervical and colon cancer growth, by a far higher safety profile. Woman with cervical cancer, after 2 weeks of starting does of blackseed oil can inject (2cc) of the oil into the vagina before bed time for 7days or more.
Cancer prevention – people who may one day have inherited cancer can use this oil for one or 2 month a year as protection procedure.             
17.          Chemical weapon injury – boiled water extract of black seed reduces respiratory symptoms, chest wheezing and pulmonary function test values, and reduced the need for drug treatment.
18.          Cholesterol – take 1 teaspoonful of blackseed oil in the morning before breakfast and one at night after dinner.
19.          Cold and nasal congestion – placing 3 or 4 drops of black seed oil in each nostril relieves nasal congestion and head cold distress.
Alternatively soak a cup of blackseed powder in a cup of black seed oil and any vegetable oil (olive). Place 3 or 4 drops in each nostril (this will cause excessive sneezing). Also add four drops of blackseed oil in hot water and inhale. Do this for about 7 days. Rub on your throat in case of flu.   
20.          Cough/dry cough – mix 1 teaspoon of back seed oil in a cup of coffee and take twice a day. Rub the chest and back with black seed oil.
21.          Constipation – mix ten drops of black seed oil with one teaspoon castor oil in mild warm milk and drink.
22.          Children dosage – for – 1 – 3month old babies, give 2 – 3 drops of black seed oil in the morning and at night for 3 days or more, but do not rub on their bodies.
From 4 – 7 months, 3 to 5 drops in the morning and at night for 3 days or more.
From 8 – 11 months, give 5 to 7drops in the morning and at night for 3 days or more
From 12 – 16 months, ½ teaspoonful in the morning and at night for 3 days or more and rubbing on the body.
From 20 – 24 months, one teaspoonful 2 time daily, you can also rub all over the body. 
23.          Cystic fibrosis – massage the chest with black seed oil, drink a mixture of one teaspoon black seed oil and one teaspoon honey, 3 time daily until improvement is observed.
24.          Diabetes – (a) Mix a cup of black seed powder, a cup of cress seed powder or mustard seed, ½ cup of pomegranate powder, thoroughly. Take half a teaspoon of the mixture with a teaspoon of black seed oil daily before breakfast for one month.  
(b) Alternatively take a cup of black tea with a teaspoon of black seed oil morning and before bed time for at least 40 days, then eat sugar and check for sugar level. If it is as normal you can stop taking black seed.
(c) Research showed that 2gm of black seed taken daily resulted in reduced fasting glucose, decreased insulin resistance, increased beta – cell function and reduced glycosylated haemoglobin (HbAIC) in humans.
(d) Stage one (7days) 6 spoonfuls per day i.e. 2 spoons 3times daily.
Stage two (15days) 4 spoonfuls per day i.e. 2 spoons twice daily.
Stage three (30days) 2 spoonful per day i.e. 1 spoon twice daily.
Note: The sugar level should be checked every 5 days and the chemical treatment must be stopped step by step and they could start eating what they like and drink plenty of water in the morning. Also rub the oil at night for about 15days.
25.             Dandruff – (a) Mix 10g of black seed oil, 30g of olive oil, 30g of methanol powder. Heat for a while and apply paste on scalp when cool. Rinse off with shampoo after one hour.
(b) Apply black seed oil and gently rub the hair and then comb one hour before bed time for 2 weeks. Also drink the oil 2 teaspoons, 3 times daily for 7 days and 2 teaspoons, 2 times daily for 15days.
26.             Diarrhea – Mix a teaspoon of black seed oil with a cup of yoghurt. Drink twice a day until symptom disappear or mix one teaspoon black seed oil with 3 teaspoon of pure honey 3 times daily.
27.             Ear ache: Apply black seed oil to sides of the ear and behind the ear.
28.             Ear infection – Mix equal amount of black seed oil and pure olive oil, warm mildly and put a drop or 2 into the ear for 7 to 10 days. Take half a teaspoon of black seed oil for about 5 days. Alternatively put a drop of the oil into the ear.
29.             Energy Boost – A teaspoon of black seed oil mixed in a glass of orange juice with breakfast will make you active all through the day.
30.             Epilepsy – black seed oil has anti convulsive properties. A 2007 study with epileptic children, whose condition was refractory to conventional drug treatment, found that a water extract of black seed significantly reduced seizure activity.
31.             Eye disease/impaired vision – Apply black seed oil round the eyes and on the eyelid half an hour before going to sleep. Take half teaspoon black seed oil mixed with carrot juice. For weak sight. Continue treatment for about 2 month. Alternatively, make a drop of the oil into the eye every night for 6 weeks.
32.             Facial Paralysis – inhaling the vapour of black seed oil and hot water can help against facial paralysis and eliminate their causes.
33.             Flu/fever – for the treatment of simple fever. Mix blackseed oil in half cup of water, use twice a day. Continue treatment until you get relief.
34.             Fresh face – to make the face fresh, mix 3 table spoons of honey, 1 teaspoon black seed oil, and half teaspoon of olive oil, apply the mixture to the face twice daily, morning and before bed time for at last 6 weeks. A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar may be added for addition effect.
35.             Gall stone – Mix 250g of blackseed powder and 250g of pure honey thoroughly together. Take 2 teaspoon of this mixture in ½ cup of hot water and add 1 teaspoon of black seed oil, take early morning before food.
36.             Hair loss – scrub the scalp with lemon juice, leave for 15minutes and shampoo. Apply black seed oil after drying the scalp. Continue treatment for at least 6weeks.
37.             Headache – massage black seed oil on the forehead and near the ears, if it persists, drink one teaspoon of the oil twice daily.
38.             Heart attack – to lower the risk of heart attack, mix ½ teaspoon of black seed oil in a cup of goat milk and drink of twice day for about 2weeks after this take it once a day. This will liquefy the fats and widen the veins and arteries. Avoid fatty foods.
39.             Heart complain and constriction of veins – take half tea spoon of black seed oil with any hot drink daily in the morning, this will also liquefy the fat and widen the veins  and arteries.
40.             Helicobacter pylori infection – black seeds disposes clinically useful anti-H- pylori activity, comparable to triple eradication therapy. Take 1 teaspoon of black seed oil on empty stomach in the morning.
41.             High blood pressure – (a) daily use of 100mg to 200mg of black seed extract, twice daily for 2 months was found to have a blood pressure lowering effect in patient with mild hyper tension.             
(b) Alternatively take half teaspoon of black seed oil with any hot drink at any time. Take 2 lobes of garlic in the morning before food. Apply black seed oil to your whole body and expose it to morning sun for 3 days. Continue treatment for about a month.
(c) Take 2 teaspoonfuls 3 times a day for 7 days, then 2 teaspoonful 2 times a day for 15days, 2 teaspoonfuls once daily for 15 days. Check your blood pressure if it is getting better gradually start withdrawing chemical treatment step by step.
(d) Mix ½ cup of apple cider vinegar, ½ litre of pure honey, 1/2 bottle of black seed oil. Drink 2 spoons 3 times daily.
(e) Mix ½ cup of black seed powder with ½ litre of pure honey, 4 tablespoons of garlic powder. Take 3 tablespoons 2 times daily (morning and evening)   


42.             Immunity system, Aids/Cancer and Anemia
Stage 1 – 2 table spoonfuls 3 times daily for 15 days
Stage 2 – 2 table spoonful 2 times per day for 15 days
Note--Rub the oil all over the body and stay in the morning sun
 Stage 3 – do a medical check up after 30days even if the diseases is not totally cured, repeat the dosage for extra 30 days. This time don’t rub the oil.
Stage 4 – check monthly and repeat with 2 table spoonfuls 2 times daily. Continue treatment up to 6 months to improve the immunity.
Note: the oil improves appetite, thus help HIV patients to increase the CD4 from 100 up to 400 after the 37 days dosage. You can continue using the pharmaceutical drugs while using this oil.
43.             Inflammation of the nose and throat – put a few drops of black seed oil into a cup of boiling water and inhale the vapour. Take half a tea spoon of the oil mixed with lemon juice twice daily.
44.             Improving immunity (a) mix 2 table spoons of black seed oil + 1 table spoon of honey and garlic drink twice daily.
(b) Black seed oil can be taken for 3 weeks every 6 months to help the body stay healthy and prevent, diseases and improve immunity system and heamoglobin
45.             Infertility – (a) drink black seed oil 2 spoonfuls 2 times a day for 15 days, then once daily for another 15days. The woman should inject the oil into her vagina for 7 days at bed time, immediately after her monthly menstruation.
(b) Mix a bottle of black seed oil with equal measure of pure honey, add 3 table spoonful of the mixture to a cup of warm milk and drink 2 times daily.
46.             Joint ache/pain/swelling – mix one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, 2 tea spoon of honey and half tea spoon of black seed oil. Drink this mixture 2 times a day before breakfast and after dinner and also massage with same oil. Avoid gas producing food for 21 days.  
47.             Kidney stone – same as in gall stone
48.             Liver – take 2 table spoons of blackseed oil  3 times a day, on rising from the bed on empty stomach, in the afternoon and before bedtime for 7 days, then reduce to twice daily early morning and before bed time for 15days, then once a day on empty stomach for one month.
49.             Malaria – eat a tea spoonful of black seed and take a spoon of pure honey or water immediately.
50.             Migraine – add one drop of black seed oil in the opposite nasal area of the headache and massage the head with the oil and drink one teaspoon once daily. This will stop the headache.
51.              Menstruation – (a) start taking one tea spoon of the oil first thing on empty stomach in the morning, 2 days before the menstruation starts then increase to twice a day if it starts.
52.             Memory Boost – As in brain boost.
Alternatively, boil a cup of mint tea add 2 table spoons of black seed oil. Drink the mixture with a stainless cup and rub forehead with the oil to aid memorization. Do this for about one month. 
53.             MRSA (Methicilin Resistant to Staph Aureus)- Black seed oil has anti bacterial activities against MRSA. Take 1 table spoon twice daily for good result.
54.             Nasal congestion – As in common cold.
55.             Nose bleeding – burn a clean plain white paper, add 20 drops of black seed oil to the ashes and apply inside the nose.

56.             Obesity – mix ½ teaspoon of black seed oil and 2 teaspoon of honey in lukewarm water. Drink twice daily. Avoid fried food and bakery items.              
57.             Parkinson Disease- Blackseed oil contains thymoquinone, which was shown to protect neurons from toxicity associated with Parkinson diseases and dementia.
58.             Pimple & Acnes – (a) As in acnes.
(b) Boil a mixture of black seed oil, 3 teaspoons of pomegranate powder, ½ cup of apple cider vinegar, for about 2 minutes. Apply to the affected part before bed time, wear overnight and wash off in the morning with warm water and black seed soap. The black seed oil can be applied as face oil. 
59.             Piles (Hemorrhoids) and flatulence. Take 1 tea spoon of black seed oil with a tea cup of black tea, twice daily, before breakfast and after dinner. Avoid hot and spicy food.
60.             Pregnancy – pregnant women should be cautions in taking this oil. The dosage should be in small quantity.
61.             Placental retention- (a) Apply black seed oil to the private part and drink 2 tablespoons. If after 10 minutes it doesn’t come out, drink 2 additional spoons.
62.             Premature graying – as in hair loss
63.             Psoriasis – (a) black seed oil soothes eruptions and increases epidermal thickness when applied topically.
(b) Alternatively rub on the hands and foot for the first seven (7) days, if no pain is felt, then start rubbing oil over the body for 2 to 3 weeks or more.
64.             Radiation damage control – the active compound thymoquinone has been found to protect brain tissue from radiation induced damage
65.              Rheumatism – as in back ache.
66.             Sex boost- the organ should be rubbed with black seed oil before bed time. Drink one teaspoon of black seed oil before breakfast and before bedtime. Do not drink overdose for sexual purposes because the oil increases blood and may reach unwanted levels and causes fever and headache.
67.             Sexual impotency – Mix 200g of black seed powder and 50g olive oil, 50g olibanium (frankincense), 50g black seed oil, 50g cress seed powder, 200g pure honey, mix thoroughly. Take one tablespoon after each meal. This willrestore vitality for women too, even after menopause.
68.             Sexually transmitted diseases – mix ½ cup of black seed powder, ½ cup cress powder, ½ cup pomegranate (rumanna powder). Take 1 teaspoon with a glass of milk, twice daily.
69.             Skin blemishes – drink a spoon of black seed oil before breakfast on empty stomach. Bath with black seed soap twice a day and apply the black seed oil to the skin as body oil twice daily after bath.
(b) white/black spots on skin – make a solution of one cup of white vinegar and one teaspoon of black seed oil. Apply to affected area before sleep at night and rinse off in the morning. Continue until the skin clears.
70.             Sleep inducer – for a perfect good night sleep, take one teaspoon of blackseed oil with one teaspoon of honey in a cup of warm water, right after dinner.
(b) Alternatively, take a teaspoon of black seed oil mixed in a glass of drink after super gives you a quiet sleep all through the night.
71.             Sore throat – black seed as shown by research is an effective treatment for acute tonsilopharyngitis with tonsil or throat tissue inflammation. Basically it can relieve viral sore throat. Take one teaspoon of blackseed oil, with one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of very warm water. Repeat this  twice daily for one week
72.             Stomach ache – mix half teaspoon of blackseed oil in a cup of warm milk. Drink it twice daily.
(b) Mix 2 teaspoon of black seed powder and 6 spoons of pure honey drink it three times daily. If it is chronic stomach ache, drink the mixture at five minutes interval.
73.              Swollen Gum – As in toothache
Alternatively, drink ½ teaspoon of oil 3 times daily until it is healed.
74.             Scar Prevention (Post surgical) – the use of black seed oil was found to protect peritoneal surfaces from scarring or adhesion formation.
75.             Tonsillopharayngitis – As in sore throat
76.             Toothache – mix ½ teaspoon of black seed oil with warm water and gargle the mouth. Also apply the oil on the affected tooth this will alleviate the pain quickly.
Alternatively, keep ½ teaspoon of the oil in the mouth for about 15 minutes.
77.             Ulcer – take 2 table spoons three times daily for 7 days, then reduce it to 1 table spoon 2 times daily early morning and before bed time for 15days, then once daily in morning for 30 days. The patient can start eating anything he likes after 7 days from the day he started the treatment.
78.             Unconsciousness – put one or two drops of black seed oil into the mouth, this will bring about consciousness.

79.             Vomiting – take ½ teaspoon of fresh ginger juice and equal amount of black seed oil twice daily.
80.             Wounds-Clean wound with warm water and salt, mix blackseed oil with cicatrin/chloroamphinicol powder and apply to the wound, it will dry off.
Alternatively, use white vinegar to clean the wound then, apply black seed oil and shammal powder, daily at night. Also drink one teaspoon of blackseed oil twice daily
NOTE--The oil increases appetite and help skinned people gain average weight. Take 15gm of this black seed thrice daily or drink one teaspoon of the oil 3 times daily before meals and before bed time.

                         SECTION FIVE
Research from around the world is producing increasing supportive documentation regarding black seeds vast healing properties. Due to its amazing effect on the immune system, black seed aids and supplements the body own ability to heal.
The Cancer Immune- Biology laboratory of South Caroline published results on a study they did on black seed. It stated that black seed generally helps stimulates the production of bone marrow and cells of the immune system. It increases the production of interferon, protect normal cell from the damaging effects of viral disease, destroys tumor cells and increase the number of antibody producing B-cells.
A Munich doctor (immunologist) Dr. Peter Schleicher recently in Germany closely co-operated with institution in the United State studied the effects of black cumin oil on human. He has as a result written two books on the subject containing numerous recipes for the treatment of a wide variety of ailments, far too numerous to be listed here.
The book written by Schleicher Peter M.D and Saleh Mohammed, M.D titled “Black Cumin: Magical Egyptian Herb explored the extraordinary effectiveness of black cumin (seed) against immune system disorder and hence it is an excellent research for anyone interested in the healing properties of this plant. They exposed to the reader everything you need to know in order to use black seed for the prevention and treatment of illness including specific recipes for infections and allergies and precise directions for their preparations (black seed research data).

Anti inflammations and Analgesic (pain relief)
Fans Wagner (2013) made a compilation of researches made on the healing benefits of black seed extracts.He noted that scientists around the world have confirmed the antibacterial and anti-mycotic effects of blackseed oil. He further stated that health practitioners in various countries around the world (professors’M.Menver and G.Rietmuller) are using the blackseed oil as analgesic against Inflammations of all sorts as well as neurodermitis and other fungi infections.
Black seed extract have been found of help to stimulate bone marrow and immune cells. A scientist of the Cancer Immune-Biology laboratory wrote that the oil raises the interferon production, protects normal cells against cell destroying effects of viruses, destroy tumor cells and raises the number of antibiotics producing B cells. These functions make the oil ideal for the prevention and treatment of cancer. Scientists are now busy finding the effects of the black seed oil in regard to various other human health conditions. At the international cancer congress in New Delhi (2013) anti tumor effect of black cumin oil has been introduced to many scientist and doctors.
Cell Stabilizer             
Dr. Peter Schleicher (1986) an immunologists who was the youngest member of world academy of scientists examined black seed oil in his institute to find new therapies for chronic illness and its effect. His finding indicates, by using the blackseed oil, valuable unsaturated fatty acids, for example linoleic and Gammalinolen acid, get into the organism. The linoleic acid stabilizes the cell membranes and prostaglandin has the effect of inhibiting inflammation. This way the immune reaction that causes the illness and which could have been the start of many chronic illnesses like pimples, and hay fever or even cancer are stopped. The substances in black seed oil stabilize the excessive T-cell function of the person suffering from allergies.
Immune System   (Asthma, bronchitis, impotency, depression etc).Studies also testify that an immune system which has gone wrong can again be regulated by the strong effect of black seed oil. Schleicher (1980) tested the effect on 600 patients and confirms the cure for allergies, at about 70% of the patients, who generally have a weak resistance and are prone to suffer from infections. Thus he included the oil with his preventive treatment against cold and influenza. In the Middle East and Asia, this oil has been used for thousands of years as a remedy for all sorts of allergies, inflammation and menstruation problem, boosting moral, depression, bronchitis, asthma and neuro-dermatitis, as well as four digestion and even impotency.
Dysentery/Stomach Problems  
In the west the effect of the oil has been used for a long time against wind dysentery, stomach, and lung diseases, jaundice, diuretic problems and to increase nursing mother’s milk. This oil has been forgotten for so long due to advances in chemistry and pharmacy.  Dr. Schleicher approved that the reason why this oil is so exceptional is that its component parts act in unison to produce an optimum effect for so many complaints, but one has to make sure that only the pure and tested oil is being used.
Arthritis and Rheumatism     
In 1960, Professor El-Dakhakny reported that black seed oil has anti-inflammatory effect and it could be useful for relieving the effects of arthritis.
In February 1995, doctors at King’s college London, U. K. investigated the use of black seed oil for the treatment of rheumatism and inflammatory diseases. Their report concluded that black seed does contain strong anti rheumatic qualities and as such the oil can be used in the treatment for rheumatism and related inflammatory diseases.

Immune System Support
In 1986  Drs. El-Kadi and Kandil, at I.I MER Panama City. Florida investigated the effect of black seed on the immune system and studied the effect of one gram taken twice daily in human volunteers. They concluded that blackseed “maybe of great practical significance since the oil could play an important role in the treatment of cancer, AIDS, and other disease conditions associated with immune deficiency states”.
These results were confirmed by a study published in the Saudi pharmaceutical journal in 1993 by Dr. Basil Ali and his colleagues from the College by medicine at king Faisal University. (Translated from an article by Hans Wagner in black seed Research Data)
Antibiotic Effect
In 1997 researcher at the department of Pharmacy University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, conducted a study in which the antibacterial activity of the oil of black seed  was compared with 5 antibiotics, Ampicillin, Tetracycline, Cotrimazole, Gentamicin and Nalidixic acid. The oil proved to be more effective against many strains of bacteria, including those known to be highly resistant to drugs. These include V. cholera, E. coli (a common infectious agent found in undercooked meats) and all strains of shigella spp – except shigella dysentriae. Most strains of shigilla have been shown to rapidly become resistant to commonly used antibiotic and chemo therapeutic agents.
Dr. Haq in research on human volunteers at the department of biological and medical research centre in Riyadh, Saudi Arabic showed that black seed enhanced the ratio between helper T-cells and suppresser T-cells by 55% with a 30% average enhancement of the natural killer cell activity. These results are effective enough to consider the oil being used in the treatment of AIDS. These results also shed light on why black seed oil has been shown to be very effective in helping treat immune related disorder including psoriasis and cancer.

Many oncologists now viewed black seed as a serious herbal remedy to assist in the treatment of cancer. The U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have granted 2 patents that involve black seed oil for treating cancer, preventing the side effect of anticancer chemotherapy, and for increasing the immune system functions in human. U.S. Pat No 5, 482,711 and 5,653.981.
The oil was also found to diminish toxic side effects caused by several other chemotherapeutic drugs such as cisplatin and doxorubicin (Hens Wagner, 2013).
Breast Cancer 
In 2003, at the Jackson state University, U.S.A. Doctors interested in investigating why black seed oil has been used for such a long time for the treatment of so many acute ailments, studied its effectiveness in cancer prevention. They observed that breast cancer cells exposed to black seed oil were inactivated and the doctor concluded that blackseed had promising results in the field of prevention and treatment of cancer.
Colon Cancer
Doctor at the Osaka City University Medical School in Japan in 2003 investigated the use of black seed for treatment of cancer of the colon. The study demonstrated that the oil inhibited the growth of cancer in the post initiation stage.
In 2004, at the America University of Beirut, Lebanon, Thymoquinone extracted from black seed was investigated to see if it could terminate human colorectal cancer cells. Their studies revealed that thymoquinonehas the potential for the treatment of colon cancer.

Tumor Therapy    
In 1997 at the cancer research laboratory of Hilton Head Island South Caroline USA, it was proven that black seed oil had enormous success in tumor therapy without the negative side effects of common chemotherapy. It was found to increase the growth rate of bone marrow cells by 250% and it inhibited tumor growth by 50%. It stimulated immune cells and raised interferon production which protects cells from cell destroying effects of viruses.
They confirmed the strongly anti-bacterial and anti- mycotic effects and confirmed that the oil can lower blood sugar lever which is essential for the treatment of diabetes. The report stated that a healthy immune system will detect and destroy cancer cells before the cancer endangers the patients and thus they concluded that blackseed oil is an ideal candidate for use in cancer prevention and cure and that it has remarkable promise for chemical use.
Anti Tumor Effect     
In 1991, at the Amala Research Centre in Amala Nagar Kerala (India) studies confirmed the use of black seed oil as an anti tumor agent. A second common type of cancer cells, Daltons Lymphoma Ascetics (DLA) cells were also used for the study.
Mice which had received the EAC cells and black seed oil active principle were 100% effective in preventing EAC tumor development.
In 2003, at the Aga Khan University Medical College, Karachi Pakistan, the antifungal activity of black seed was studied. The extracts were found to have a considerable inhibitory effect on the growth of the Candida in all organs. They concluded that aqueous extracts of black seed exhibited inhibitory effect against candidiasis and that the traditional use of the plant in the fungal infection was valid.
In 2005, in the Pakistan journal of Medical Sciences, a paper was published where the effects of black seed oil were tested against standard and hospital strains of Candida albicans and pseudomonas aeroginosa. They also compared black seed with standard drugs (clotrimazole – an antifungal ointment used to topically treat vaginal candidiasis and Candida of the scrotum and anus, cloxacillin, a semi-synthetic antibiotic in the same class as penicillin, and gentamicine–an antibiotic). They concluded that black seed extract produce antimicrobial activity against a broad range of microbes and especially on multiple antibiotic resistant bacteria.
In 2002, at the Gifu University, Japan studies concluded that blackseed may be of significant value to suffers of types 2 diabetes. In 1991, at the Kuwait University the mechanism of action was studied for blackseed in relation to diabetes. The report concluded that extracts may prove to be a useful therapeutic agent in the treatment of non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus.
Hematological studies of black seed oil were made in 2001 at the Mejii Pharmaceutical University,Tokyo,Japan.They concluded that blackseed exhibited more potent activity then aspirin, well known as a remedy for thrombosis.
Cestodes (worm) in Children
In 1999, at the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, the anticestodial effect of black seed was studied in children who had been naturally infected. They concluded that black seed contained active principles effective against these worms. Black seed was also found to have an anthelmintic activity against tapeworm comparable to that of piperazine.(Adapted from Research on Blackseed)
From the research studies examined in this booklet, there is no overemphasizing the fact that black seed extracts can cure all ailments except death, if applied in the right prescription, right time, and specified duration for the diagonised illness. 

1.               Using this oil gives protection against cancer and diabetes and many other ailments.
2.               In treating chronic conditions (such as diabetes), make sure to consult your primary care provider.
3.               Those who are at risk of inheriting cancer should take the oil for one or two months a year as protection procedure.
4.               The oil works well for HIV and kidney failure cases (am.aspcure zone)
5.               Outside using the oral dosage, the oil should be rubbed on the body for faster healing. 
6.                   In critical conditions the oil may cause extra pain or breathing problem. In such cases stop using the oil for 2 to 5 days, until you feed better, and resume the recommended doses.
7.               Having diarrhea fever, headache or blackish stool as side effect during the use of this oil is a positive sign, change the dosage to ½ teaspoon every 4 hours, till the diarrhea stops. Then go back to normal dosage.
8.               Rub the oil on your whole body before bed time if you feel tired after a long travel or a hard days work
9.               The use of this oil for one diseases automatically cures other diseases that might be in the body and improves the immunity system and haemoglobin.
10.          This oil can be taken simultaneously with your chemical or orthodox treatment, and gradually withdraw the later from one week of starting the oil therapy. The withdrawal should be step by step and eating of every food should also be introduced gradually.
11.          Treatment period may vary from one person to another because people are not physically and genetically the same. Older people take longer time to cure.
12.          Body immunity can be enhanced by taking the oil for 3 weeks every 6 months.
1.               Using this oil for the first time may cause diarrhea and pain in affected parts of the body.
2.               Pregnant women must be careful and not take large doses of this oil.
3.               Do not drink overdose for sexual purposes, because the oil increases blood flow and may reach unwanted levels and cause fever and headache. If this occur stop treatment for some time.
4.               Heavy weighted people must not use the oil unless it is very important, because the oil increases appetite and may lead to extra eating
5.               Do not rub on children less than one year of age, because it may cause fever
6.               Do not repeat the dose in less than 3 months
7.               Chemicals treatment should be withdrawn gradually step by step and introduction of every food should be done step by step especially for ulcer patients.

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